Brett Lyn Rasmussen is an illustrator and designer based out of Hartford, Connecticut.

In both his art and his design work, Brett is inspired by the neon dreamscapes of Kenneth Angers films, the ugly nasties that haunt Ed Roth and Chas Addams dreams, and the low brow brilliance of velvet paintings. He favors a splash of trash (think John Waters and Clovis Trouille) with a Warhol color scheme and a little Dadaist ambiguity. Brett’s extensive knowledge in almost everything esoteric and arcane allows him to bring a truly unique and exciting perspective to any project he works on. Imagine if Elvira and Picasso had a baby named Pee-Wee, raised him on a steady diet of Weird Tales, B-horror movies, ancient manuscripts, and you’d almost have yourself a Brett. He is inspired by his cinematic dreams, wide open spaces, and the world felt but unseen.

If you have a project in mind please contact Brett here

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